06.09.07"Jazz Personality of 2007"

Life is beautiful at the Isthmus Jazz Festival

…and especially luminous Gerri Dimaggio, who was named jazz personality of the year in a presentation by Isthmus publisher Vince O'Hern. Of all the jazz instruments, I like the human voice the best, and with her compatriots Kelly DeHaven and Jeannie Woodall, Dimaggio turned in a delightful set of sumptuous, witty singing. At one point, gesturing at the stage, the lake, the audience, at what was left of the sunset, Dimaggio asked: Does it get any better than this?
It was a rhetorical question, but the answer was: Nope. Summer is here, and there is music in the air.

Kenneth Burns on Saturday 06/09/2007 11:47 am

10.01.06Cadence Jazz Magazine (Review Oct. 2006)

Gerri DiMaggio reminds me of Ida
Lupino at the Road House piano, singing "Again".
The story is that Ida thought Peg LaCentra or
someone like her, would ultimately dub the vocal
and Zanuck let her think so. He wanted exactly
what he got: Ida's own whiskey and smoke voice
on the soundtrack.
DiMaggio is, of course a much
better singer than Ida was, but she would have
been a "natural" as Lupino's dubber. She has a
deliciously husky insinuatingly sexy delivery with
just the right touch of parlando, as on the opening
of “Comes Love."
Once again, as on her previous release [6/02
P. 114], she is guided by pianist, Paul Hastil with
whom she has apparently established a sort of vis-
ceral rapport. He is as resourceful in support as he
is in his solo spots, and the rest of the rhythm team
is equally bright and tight. John Mesoloras' firm
bass is the first thing you hear when "Like
Someone" introduces the program, and John
Becker's crisp restraint at the drum kit is a pleas-
ure throughout. Dave Cooper's muted trumpet
opens Oliver Nelson's "Stolen" in unison with Gerri
and he is heard to excellent effect in an open horn
solo thereafter. His only other spot is on "Comes
Love, where he has another pungent open horn
solo and rides the tune out behind the vocal
The program is a nice mix of standards and
Bossa-type tunes. Gerri's out of tempo opening on
O’ Barquinho sets up her lilting Portuguese ('?')
chorus perfectly. Hastil digs in and rips off a pleas-
ingly melodic solo, which leads to a vocal chorus in
English. Its an absolutely lovely track. "East-allows
Ms. D. to demonstrate her ease of phrase and rhythmic confidence.
She takes “Moody’s Mood" at ballad tempo amd makes
it a fairly convincing plea (“go on and
take me/I’ll be what you make me…") of surrender.

08.14.06August 2006 Cover of "Wisconsin Woman" magazine

07.01.05Release of "Comes Love"

The long awaited release of the second Cd "Comes Love."

09.01.01Release of "In Summer"

The release of "In Summer" Gerri's first CD to rave reviews.

"This is serious music with some of the most talented players in the fertile Madison Jazz scene. It is ten solid songs including two she wrote. that show the intelligence and breadth of her music. Listen. Appreciate."

Vince O'Hern